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7.1 Implementing Synchronization Engine

Engine DLL

The engine can be implemented as a DLL with a very simple API.

Here is a possible C#/pseudo code implementation:

public class SynchronizationEngine
  public Uri SourceEndpoint { get; set; }
  public Uri TargetEndpoint { get; set; }
  public Uri[] DiagUris { get; set; }

  public void RunPass()
    // GET digest from TargetEndpoint/$syncDigest
    // POST digest to SourceEndpoint/$syncSource and get delta feed in response 
    // POST delta feed to TargetEndpoint/$syncTarget and get result feed in response
    // POST response to all DiagUris

As this pseudo code demonstrates, the engine DLL will be a very simple component with a very small footprint. It should be easy for us to provide implementations for different execution environments (NET, Java, COM, Javascript).

Using the Engine DLL

Here is a typical C# method that instantiates the engine to run a synchronization pass:

public void RunSynchronizationEngine()
  var engine = new SynchronizationEngine();
  engine.SourceEndpoint = new Uri("");
  engine.TargetEndpoint = new Uri("");
  engine.DiagUris = new Uri[]
    { new Uri("") };

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