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5.7 Logging Synchronization Results

The engine may be given one or more logging URL. If so, it should post the result of the batch operation to the logging URL(s).

The logging component will analyze the <httpStatus><httpMessage> and <diagnosis>  elements of the batch entries and will log according to the logging policy that has been configured.

If the results of the target side operations need to be sent back to the source application, the source provider should expose a $syncResults URL (see Synchronization URLs section) and the engine should POST the results to this URL. In our example, the following POST request will be executed:

POST /sdata/myApp1/myContract/-/accounts/$syncResults?runName=Full%20CRM%20to%20ERP&runStamp=2009-10-14T08:51:02 HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/atom+xml; type=feed

<!-- Batch result obtained from the target (see Updating Synchronization Target section) -->

The source provider will record the results of the batch and send a success response:

200 OK

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