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3.6 Simple List Extensions

The following elements conform to Microsoft’s SLE (Simple List Extensions):

    <sle:sort label="ID" default="true" />
    <sle:sort ns="" 
      element="salesOrder/orderDate" label="Date" data-type="date" />
    <sle:sort ns="" 
      element="salesOrder/shipDate" label="Shipping Date" data-type="date" />
    <sle:group ns="" 
      element="salesOrder/contactID" label="Contact" />

This markup is recognized by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (but not by Firefox). It allows IE to display an enhanced user interface with links to sort and filter the feed contents.

This information is somewhat redundant with what is expressed through the canFilter and canGroup flags in the metadata. See Property Definition section. As the metadata contains richer flagging, SData consumers should get these flags from the metadata rather than from this SLE fragment. SData providers are nevertheless encouraged to include this information in the feeds that they produce, to improve the user experience in Internet Explorer.

These extensions are fully documented on Microsoft’s SLE page.

SData providers MAY include SLE extensions in their feeds.

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