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10.3 Delete on Property URL

SData supports delete operations on property URLs, to delete a child of an existing resource. For example, the following request deletes an order line of a sales order:

DELETE /sdata/myApp/myContract/-/salesOrders('43661')/lines('3')
If-Match: 2nXz9DZYR2pqmcXi/ZCbYA==

If the operation succeeds, the service provider sends a response such as:

200 OK

This feature is restricted to properties that represent parent/child relationships (properties marked with sme:relationship=”child” in the schema).

Relationship properties that support this feature MUST be flagged with canDelete=”true” in the schema.

SData providers MAY support delete operations on property URLs. They MUST support them on all the properties that are flagged with sme:canDelete="true" in the schema.

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