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4.6 Auxiliary Type Definitions

An SData schema can contain definitions of low level substructures and simple types that are used and shared by resource kind definitions and/or service operation definitions. Here is a typical simple type definition from our example schema:

  <xs:simpleType name="civility--enum">
    <xs:restriction base="xs:string">
      <xs:enumeration value="Mr"/>
      <xs:enumeration value="Mrs"/>
      <xs:enumeration value="Ms"/>

In our example schema, this type is used in the contact resource kind definition:

<xs:complexType name="contact--type">
    <xs:element name="civility" type="tns:civility--enum" sme:label="Civility" />
      <!-- other properties (skipped for clarity) -->

Enumerated types SHOULD be postfixed by –enum rather than –type.

SData providers MAY define auxiliary types in their schemas. If they do so, they should follow the pattern above.

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