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12.2 Named Query URL

Named query URLs are obtained by appending a $queries segment and a query name to an SData resource kind URL, as described in the corresponding URL syntax subsection.

Typically, our example query would be available at the following URLs:$queries/reorder 

Named queries MAY use the same query parameters as normal queries for paging, filtering, sorting, controlling payload, etc. The features supported by a given named query MUST be advertised in the schema with sme:canXxx attributes.

Some of these parameters (where, orderBy, include, select) need to reference payload properties (for example orderBy=price). The expressions that reference properties MUST ignore the <response> element which is present in the payload. For example, the correct syntax is orderBy=productId, not orderBy=response.productId.

SData providers MUST use the URL syntax described in the Named Query URL section to expose their named queries.

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