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13.2 Metadata Extension for Batching

The schema indicates how batching is supported for a resource kind. This is indicated by adding an sme:batchingMode element to the element that describes the resource kind in the schema. See Resource Kind Definition section. For example:

   <xs:element name="salesOrder" type="tns:salesOrderType" 
    sme:role="resourceKind" sme:pluralName="salesOrders" sme:label="Sales Order"
    sme:canGet="true" sme:canPost="true" sme:canPut="true" sme:canDelete="true"
    sme:canPageNext="true" sme:canPagePrevious="true" sme:canPageIndex="true" 
    sme:supportsETag="true" **sme:batchingMode="syncOrAsync"** />

This attribute can take the following values:

Value Description
none Batching is not supported - this is the default when attribute is omitted.
sync Batching is only supported in synchronous mode.
async Batching is only supported in asynchronous mode.
syncOrAsync Batching is supported in both synchronous and asynchronous modes.

This attribute allows the generic SData consumer to discover whether batch requests are supported or not for a resource kind.

SData providers MUST set the sme:batchingMode attribute to a value other than none on all resource kinds that support the batching protocol.

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