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Fundamental SData aspects

SData 2.0 ensures that version 1.x compliant implementations are equally compliant with the new version of the standard. This is achieved by:

  • Relaxing existing compliance levels thus making even more aspect optional
  • Adding new, optional features
  • Deprecation of features where better technological answers have emerged in the meantime

The SData core identifies the aspects essential to the philosophy of the standard. An essential aspect does not imply that its components must be implemented in their entirety to achieve compliance; the degree of choice is indicated by the (MUST/SHOULD/MAY) qualifiers; these may be tightened further by underlying contracts.

The SData fundamental aspects are recognized to be:

These are discussed in turn in the following chapters of this document. Unless specifically stated, the definitions in the SData 1.x standard maintain their validity in the SData 2.0 standard.

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